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How we will be keeping your child safe at holiday camps

17 June 2021

Please note that due to Government guidelines the way we run our camps will be catered to ensure the highest safety standards are implemented in order to keep everyone safe and well. We do hope you understand our position in making changes to the way we have been advised to run and we can ensure children will still enjoy a fun and active day, whilst in the safe hands of our fantastic sports coaches.

9.00am - 3.00pm every day £22 per day.
8am - 4pm additional hours available at extra cost of £3 per hour.

Advanced bookings only.

COVID - 19 Measures

On Arrival
2m waiting lines for pick up/drop off and one-way system.
All children and coaches will wash hands / use hand sanitiser.
No more than 30 children in a group with same adults supervising all day.

Children must bring a packed lunch, a named water bottle (water fountains will be out of use) hat, suncream and a rain coat, we will be spending the majority of the day outside unless there are severe weather conditions.
We do not advise children to wear face masks.

The children will enjoy a fun packed day full of fun activities and professional sports coaching.
All activities will be COVID 19 risk assessed.
Only equipment that can be easily cleaned will be used and cleaned before and after use.
Encourage 1m distancing but we cannot implement children will be able to maintain 1m apart at all times.
Toilets will be a one in one out system.

Lunch/Break Time
Will be held outdoors weather permitting, if not in designated classrooms.

Follow one-way system to collect your child.
Adhere to 2m social distancing.

Additional Cleaning Measures
Tables cleaned after use.
Hand washing before and after activities.
Regular cleaning throughout the day and at the end of every day.

First Aid
We will be following guidance from HSE and all first aiders will be provided with the advised PPE when administering first aid
If we feel we can't apply first aid in a way that is safe for child and staff, we will contact parent for collection.

Symptoms of Covid-19
If your child is displaying symptoms of Covid-19 please do not attend for 10 days from the day they started showing symptoms.

If your any member of your child's household is displaying symptoms of Covid-19 please do not attend for 10 days from the day they started showing symptoms.

If your child displays symptoms of Covid-19 whilst attending our camps, they will be placed in a quarantine area, with a member of staff wearing PPE. You will be called and asked to collect your child as soon a possible. You will be required to inform us if your child tests positive for Covid-19.

Children and staff attending our holiday camp are expected to get themselves tested if they show symptoms. If they test positive, the adults and children within the group will need to self-isolate for 10 days.

We will implement the NHS track and trace system and groups will close should there be an outbreak of the virus and you will be informed via the track and trace system and your details will be made available to the NHS should you need to be contacted.

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"All the children thoroughly enjoy the sessions with In2sport. We value the time and effort the staff take to get to know the children and plan suitable fun activities to challenge them and build their confidence." Yvonne, Box Pre School Playgroup Manager

"IN2SPORT is fun, and when they come to my school we play lots of games like Dodgeball, Football and Cannonball Alley. Tasha is funny and a very good teacher." Oliver Turner aged 7

"I love learning new games" Pollyanna Smith aged 8

"I love playing Dodgeball and Football with In2Sport my elder sisters did it as well." Byron Gale aged 8

"The activities are really really fun, you learn loads of new skills and the warm-ups are brilliant too. It is 100% great!" Henry and Freddie Bone aged 7 and 5

"My son loves multi skills and the variety of games involved. It is always really well organised and he has also really enjoyed parties arranged by the team." Corsham Primary School Parent

"My Son really enjoys going to In2Sport Holiday Camps. The varied activities provided stop him getting bored. He gets lots of praise and encouragement from the organisers which helps build self esteem" Corsham Holiday Camp Parent

"My son Morgan, loved attending In2Sport Holiday Camps. He really enjoyed all the sports and activities that were organised and the staff are very child focused and understand how to keep motivation going during the fun packed day. They offer a fantastic opportunity to combine good quality provision with enjoyable indoor and outdoor activities." Corsham Holiday Camp Parent

"My daughter started going at aged 4 and has attended several holiday clubs, The team are amazing! She comes home so thrilled by what she has done each day and cannot wait to go back next time. My other daughter (who is only 3) is counting down until she is old enough to attend. This brilliant holiday club at a very reasonable rate. We will continue to use In2Sport for as long as it is available!" Melksham Holiday Camp Parent

"My son Haydon (5 yrs old) had a In2sport Party on Sun and was fantastic, all the children enjoyed it and the big bonus was Natasha the Coach kept all the Children entertained while I sat back and watched. Would definitely recommend hiring for something different as a party idea" Tammy, Birthday Party Parent

"In2sports is such a fab company. They offer a wide variety of sports for all the children to enjoy. Would highly recommend the holiday clubs and after school clubs to anyone." Bowerhill Primary School Parent

"Impressed with ball skills which have been learnt. I know my daughter has really enjoyed Dodgeball, noteworthy from a not so sporty girl!" St Katharines Primary School Parent

"My son loves multi skills and the variety of games involved. It is always really well organised and he has also really enjoyed parties arranged by the team." Neston Primary School Parent

"The coaches are excellent with all the children, my son really likes IN2SPORT and looks forward to Wednesdays. IN2SPORT have also entertained him and his friends in a brilliant birthday party of 27 excitable 7 year olds! They are diligent and hard working, no surprise In2Sport has such a good reputation." St Katharines Primary School Parent

"The best coaching company I've ever seen, was at a birthday party and the children loved them." Birthday Party Spectator

"My girls loved it ages 10 and 6 they didn't want to come home!" Swindon Holiday Camp Parent

"This has to be the best club for holidays, both my children have had so much fun, they have been up and eager to get out the door on every session, which for my Daughter has to be a first. It is very well organised with a good variety of activities and all the staff are very approachable professional & polite." Melksham Holiday Camp Parent

"My two children had a lovely day on Wednesday at the club at Goddard Park, even if they did have achy muscles the next day - shows what a good workout IN2SPORT gave them. Well done to you." Swindon Holiday Camp Parent